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Divorce - Causes and Its Effects

Divorce is the termination of a union between a husband and a wife. It is usually done through a legal process either in court or through a traditionally recognized law and order in a society. Divorce is not a desirable thing for any family. This is because it leaves couples with heartaches that last longer. Most communities in the olden days had their ways of ensuring that once a person is married, they stick to their union throughout their lives.

There were several ways of ensuring that someone does not move out of the marriage union among the traditional societies in the olden days. For example if a woman was married she would not be expected to leave her husband, otherwise the society would have looked down up her. However, with time, things have changed. Divorce cases have become very common. There are dangers in divorce. Whenever divorce happens, everyone in the family is affected. In the first place, when a family divorces, its effects become a lifetime wound to children the couple and the children.

There are diver causes of divorce. The reasons why people divorce can range from trivial to serious ones, which at times court cases cannot resolve. Although courts sometimes help, a courts work may not help to correct a married that is in the verge of collapsing. Counseling does help in this case. What are the known causes of divorce? Here below are major reasons as to why divorce can occur or why a family can go to court to call off a marital union.

Infidelity: In marriage, one of the greatest causes of divorce is infidelity. It can be very disappointing for a partner in a marriage relationship to cheat. Sex in marriage is usually very crucial. A bond helps to make that marriage relation more strong. Sexual relation in marriage is not meant to be shared with an extra party. It is meant for the two only. A partner who cheats or plays sexual role outside the marriage relationship is not only showing unfaithfulness, but also he or she is also being dishonest. According to the law, monogamous marriages must be exclusive on a mutual arrangement only between two parties. Unless the two partners consent that they can see other people outside their marriage while they are still married, anything happing of that sort can lead to marriage dissolution.

Problems with sexual functioning: there are cases where divorce has occurred because one of the partners in marriage is infertile or cannot function well. Unless the couples discuss about their situation and agree to go ahead and marry, a discovery when people are already in marriage can lead to disagreement and thus separation.

Inappropriateness: according to researchers, incompatibility is a common cause for divorce. There are couples who have gotten in marriage only to discover that they are incompatible in so many ways, sexually, emotionally and intellectually. Intellectual incompatibility may not be a serious reason for divorce, but sexual and emotional incompatibilities are worse. If couples cannot be able to find a common sexual, intellectual, and emotional ground when they are married, they might opt for divorce.

Drug abuse: divorce cases have been handled where the only cause of separation is resulting from substance abuse. One partner who is drug addict can derail a marriage relationship to the point that the other partner might just opt to quit. Although a partner who is under the control of drug abuse may not be insulting his wife or probably the husband, there are cases where the partner may just feel that he or she cannot cope with the situation, which may lead him or her to seek court dissolution of the marriage contract.

Communication breakdown: this is a common reason why many families have separated. Several people cannot take time to sit and discuss problems in the family to find amicable solution. When you keep quite, chances are that you are subconsciously storing problems in your mind, which may later on erupt in bigger cause for separation. Divorce can be avoided when families sit and talk their problem so that they can find an amicable solution. Communication breakdown can be a serious cause for separation.

Divorce can lead to major problems for children. When divorce occurs, children are the ones who are mostly affected. Although the husband and the wife may feel its effect, those who suffer most are children. When a family divorces, the children may be taken to a care center. Children whose parents divorce when young will obviously miss the care and love of both parents.

Whenever a family separates, the mother is the one who usually go with the children. Although a court may allow the father to be visiting his children, it is obvious that they will miss the absolute fatherís love that they would otherwise feel if the divorce did not take place. Effects of divorce are diverse. This depends on the situation and circumstances. It is also different with the way men feel its effects as compared to women. Most women find it more economical straining after divorce than men do. According to research, usually more about seventy-three percent of women go through hard economic times because of divorce compared to men.

Divorce has many effects on how children who have witness a separation between their parents would view marriage. It is common to find that those people who come from a background of divorce may find it hard to stick to marriage or even get to one. They may lack faith in marriage to the point that they feel it is better to stay single or maybe cohabit instead of getting committed to a marriage contract. Because of what they witnessed, they might fear that the same may happen to them.

Under the legal effects, property may have to be divided; at times debts accrued are determined by the court to be share between the two couples. Usually divorce laws protect non-marital properties.

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