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City: Edinburgh


Edinburgh Solicitors & Edinburgh Lawyers

Lawyers and Solicitors in Edinburgh, UK can be found here. All law offices lawyers, solicitors and lawyer solicitors in Edinburgh are listed, including those legal professionals focusing on libel, bankruptcy, and defence.

It may also include, personal injury solicitor in Edinburgh, divorce lawyers and other lawyers, solicitors or lawyer solicitors in Edinburgh. If you know of another quality Law Office in Edinburgh that should be listed, then please submit on our Listings Page.

Lawyers-Solicitors-UK.com is the number one site for Legal Offices in Edinburgh, including Edinburgh DUI lawyers and personal injury solicitors in Edinburgh.


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A & W M Urquhart
A & W M Urquhart Ltd.
A G Thornton
A Macdonald
A W Cummings
Abbey Grange Solicitors
Adams Whyte
Advantage Stirling Ltd.
Aikman Russell & Dunlop
Aitken Nairn
Alan D MacKay
Alexander Moffat & Co
Alison Bradley
Alistair Mackie
Allingham & Co.
Anderson Strathern Ltd.
Anderson Strathern Ws
Baird J S
Balfour & Manson LLP
Bell & Scott
Bennett & Robertson (Trustees) Ltd.
Beveridge & Kellas Ltd.
Beveridge Philp & Ross
Biggart Baillie
Bishop & Robertson Chalmers
Blacklock Thorley Solicitors
Blair Cadell Incorporating Pearsons
Bonar Mackenzie
Bovey & Bovey
Boyd Solicitors
Brechin Tindal Oatts
Brodies W S
Burnett Christie
C H Lucas
C McClanachan
C S Kennedy
Campbell Smith W S (Nominees) Ltd.
Christopher Sayer
Clan Childlaw
Clark & Co
Clark Ferguson S S C
Cochrane & Blair Paterson
Connell & Connell W S
Connor Malcolm
Connor Malcolm Solicitors
Criggie & Co.
Currie Johnston & Co.
Cuthbertson Riddle & Graham W.S.
D'Ambrosio S S C
David Johnson & Co.
David S Williamson
David Symington & Co.
Davidson Chalmers
Dickson McNiven & Dunn
Digby Brown & Co.
Donald Rennie
Douglas K Tullis
Doyle & Co
Drummond Miller
Drummond Miller Solicitors
Duncan Hamilton & Co.
Erskine Macaskill & Co.
Evan J Cuthbertson
Forrester Ogilvie & Co.
Fraser Brooks W S & Co.
G F Andrew
G R D & S R Tyley
G W Tait & Sons
G W Tate & Sons
George More and Company
Gibson Kerr & Co.
Gillespie Macandrew (Trustees) Ltd
Gilmore & Lewis
Graeme Keay
Grant Sheila D
Gray Muirhead
Gray Muirhead
Grays Solicitors
Grigor Hales
Guild & Guild W S
Haig Scott & Co.
Harley & Co
Henderson & Co
Henderson Boyd Jackson Ltd.
Heriot Properties Ltd.
Iain Leslie
Ian S Rennie
Ireland W S Fyfe
J & R A Robertson
John G Gray & Co.
John M Barton
John R Elliot
Karus & Co.
Karyn Watt & Co.
Keir & Moodie
Kenneth F Brown
Ketchen & Stevens
Ketchen & Stevens
L G Deans & Co.
Lawford Kidd & Co.
Legal Services Agency Ltd.
Lindsay Duncan & Black
M R Townsend
Macadams S S C Attorney At Law
Maclay Murray & Spence
MacRoberts Solicitors
Marwick & Arthur (Broadcasting) Ltd.
McClure Naismith
McGill & Co
McGrigor Donald
McKay & Norwell
McKay & Norwell
Menzies Dougal W S
MHD Family Law
Miller Lovell
Moray & Co
Morgan Cunningham
Morisons LLP
Morton Fraser Partnership
Morton Fraser Trustees Ltd
N A Kellock
N D S Paterson
N J Atkins
Neil Patrick
Nigel Beaumont & Co
Orr Macqueen
Pagan Macbeth Business Law
Paterson Bell Solicitors
Patricia S Quigley
Paul Anderson Solicitors
Paul Gebal & Co
Paull & Williamsons
Perring & Co
Proven & Co
Purdie & Co
R I MacPherson
R J Arbuthnott
Rae Reid & Stephen
Robert Fairbairns
Robson Maclean
Russel & Aitken
S J Hall
S J Pitches
Shepherd & Wedderburn Ltd.
Shield & Kyd
Simpson & Marwick Ltd.
Snell & Co.
Somerville & Russell
Steedman Ramage
Steedman Ramage
Stewart Watt & Co
Sturrock & Armstrong
Taylor Kinross
Team Relocation Services Ltd.
The Lints Partnership
Thomas Allan
Thompson Solicitors
Tm 1988 Ltd.
Turcan Connell W S
Valente McCombie & Hunter
Valente McCombie & Hunter
Valente McCombie & Hunter
W S A Solicitors
W S Burnett
W S Olivers
Ward & Co
Warden Bruce & Co.
Wheatley & Co
Wilson McLeod
Wilson Terris & Co
Wilson Terris & Co.
Winning Megson & Co.
Wolff & Co
Wright Johnston & Mackenzie


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