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City: Birmingham


Birmingham Solicitors & Birmingham Lawyers

Lawyers and Solicitors in Birmingham, UK can be found here. All law offices lawyers, solicitors and lawyer solicitors in Birmingham are listed, including those legal professionals focusing on libel, bankruptcy, and defence.

It may also include, personal injury solicitor in Birmingham, divorce lawyers and other lawyers, solicitors or lawyer solicitors in Birmingham. If you know of another quality Law Office in Birmingham that should be listed, then please submit on our Listings Page.

Lawyers-Solicitors-UK.com is the number one site for Legal Offices in Birmingham, including Birmingham DUI lawyers and personal injury solicitors in Birmingham.


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A J Stilton
A Smith Parton & Co
A W Smith & Co.
Accident Claims Solicitor
Adams & Co Solicitors
Adrian Mabe
Albas Mithani
Albion & Co.
Alex Wynn
Alison Wright
Allan Wooldridge
Andrew Garland
Andrew Scarle
Anne Holmes
Anthony Collins Solicitors Ltd.
Anthony Stockton Solicitors
B H Mohammed
Bagri & Co
Baig & Co
Barbara Carter
Barnett & Co
Berrymans Lacemawer
Bickley Wheatley & Co
Bickley Wheatley & Co.
Blair Allison & Co.
Bloom & Co
Blunts Solicitors
Bourne Jaffa Dixon
Brendan Fleming
Brendan Flemming
Brian J Flint
Broomhall & Co.
Bullock & Co
Burke,Frances T,
Burnard Singleton
Carney Smith MacKintosh
Cartwright & Lewis
Cartwright & Lewis
Cartwright King Solicitors
Carvill & Johnson
Central Solicitors' Chambers Ltd.
Challinors Lyon Clark
Challinors Lyon Clark
Claim Justice
Coley & Tilley
Cordiez French Solicitors
Cox Cooper
Criminal Lawyers 24/7
D J Gwyther
Dass Jakhu
David Bunn & Co.
David Morris & Co
David Newstone
David Warren Jones Solicitors
Davisons Solicitors
Davisons Solicitors
Davisons Solicitors
Deeley Graham T
Doyle Colin Solicitor
Drummond Kerr
E F L Motor Engineering
E V Lovegrove
Eaton Ryan & Taylor
Edge Ellison Services
Elaine Atkinson
Elliott & Co.
Elliott & Co.
England Kerr Hands & Co
England Stickland & Hampton
English String Orchestra Ltd.
Evans & Evans
Evans Derry & Binnion
Evans Derry Binnion
Eyre & Co.
Eyre & Co.
F A Greenwood & Co. Solicitors
Faber & Co.
Fanos Hazell & Co
Fanos Hazell & Co
Ferndale Solutions Ltd.
Frances Anderson
Freeland & Passey
French & Co.
Garner Canning & Co
Garner Canning & Co.
Garrett & Co. Services
Garsai & Co
Gateley Wareing
George Christopher & Co
George Jonas & Co
Gerald Conroy & Co
Gill & Co
Glaisyers Ltd.
Graham Muth
Graham T Deeley
Greens Solicitors Ltd
Greg Emms
Grove Tompkins Bosworth
H B Carslake
Hadgkiss Hughes & Beale
Hadgkiss Hughes & Beale
Hall-Wright,Malcolm T A,
Hall-Wrights & Birks
Hands & Co.
Harbans Singh & Co.
Harbans Singh & Co.
Harry Jagdev & Co.
Hasan Solicitors
Hayes Solicitors Limited
Haynes Duffell
Helen Tollett
Herbert Wilkes Services
Howell & Co.
I Marshall
Ian Gold
Ian Moss & Co Solicitors
IKON LAW Solicitors & Advocates
IKON LAW Solicitors & Advocates
Irwin Mitchell
J Cox
J R Jones Solicitors
J V Vobe & Co
J Y Holt & Sellers
Jagger Son & Tilley
James M Wilson
James Pearce & Co.
Javier de Juan
Jerry F Dowd & Co.
Joel Kordan
John Derry Solicitor
John Morgan Solicitors
John Murphy
John P Corr
John Rimmer
John Roberts & Co
K Layland & J Creed
Kang & Co Solicitors
Kangs Solicitors
Karen Vissell
Keith Bright Solicitors
Kevin Nagle
Kim Badcock
L Tobias
Laurence Taylor & Co
Lee & Co
Lee Crowder Ltd.
Legato Ltd.
Levene Solicitors
Lin & Co Solicitors
Lincoln-Lewis & Co
Lois King & Co
Louise Curtis
Lovsey Marsh
Ludi Hung
M G M Stocks
Maidments Solicitors
Mandler Bhomra & Co.
Mann & Co
Margetts & Richie
Mark Pakenham
Martin J Woodward
Martin Wilkes
Martyn Liberson
Martyn W Amey & Co
Maurice Andrews Solicitors
Maurice Andrews Solicitors
Maurice Putsman & Co
McCormack Solicitors
McGrath & Co.
Mian & Co.
Michael G Wooldridge
Michael Gillespie
Michael Green & Co
Michael James & Mark Edwards Lane
Michael Lee & Co. Solicitors
Michael T Purcell & Co.
Miles Pierce Solicitors
Murria Solicitors
Mushtaq & Co
My Business Counsel
My Business Counsel
My Business Counsel
Neale & Co
Nicholas James Solicitors
Nicholas Roy
No Win No Fee Solicitors
no win no fee solicitors
O'Mahoney Solicitors
Owen Mitchell Incorporating Rigbeys
Parker & Grego
Paul Tobias & Co
Pearcelegal LLP
Pearson Rowe & Co.
Penelope J R Hall Solicitor
Peter Rickson & Partners
Philip Baker & Co.
Philip M Haycock
Philip M Haycock
Pinsent Curtis Ltd.
Plunkett Lomas & Co.
Pope Richard Solicitors
Prior Cumberlidge & Pugh
Quaintance Solicitors
QualitySolicitors Evans Derry
Quinn & Co
Rais Solicitors
Raymond G Wood & Co.
Redfern & Co
Rees Davis & Woodwild
Richard Chapman
Richard Whittingham
Robert Holland
Robert McMitchell & Co
Robert Rowe
Robin Grove & Co.
Rosenburg & Co
Roskell Davies & Co.
Roskell Davies & Co.
Rowena Bartlett
Rowley Dickinson
Russell Jones & Walker Solicitors
Rutherfords Solicitors
S V Wadsworth
Safaaz Solicitors
Salhan Nijjar
Sambrooks Walthall & Pritchard
Sanders Locker & Co.
Sankey Reynolds & Co.
Sarah Rose
Sean Scalon
Sehdev & Co.
Sehgal & Co. Solicitors
Seymour Court (Woolacombe) Management Co. Ltd.
Sheila Thomas & Co
Shepherds Solicitors
Simon Bates
Simpson Millar
Southall & Co
Springthorpe Holcroft & Bishop
Stannard & Co
Stephen Gilmoore
Sydney Mitchell
Sydney Mitchell & Co.
T H Ekins & Son Solicitors
Tabassum & Co
The Atwal Law Firm
The Wilkes Partnership Ltd.
Thompsons Solicitors
Tibbits Fisher
Turner & Co
Tyndallwoods Services Ltd.
Tyndallwoods Solicitors
Vernon & Shakespeare
Vickerman & Co
Vikas Sehdeva
W C Dormant Ltd.
Wallace Robinson & Morgan
Wansbroughs Willey Hargrave
Weightmans Solicitors
Wilcox Lane Clutterbuck
Wild & Co
Williams Freeman & Lloyd
Williamson & Soden
Winwood M R
Wright & Co
Young & Lee


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