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City: Belfast


Belfast Solicitors & Belfast Lawyers

Lawyers and Solicitors in Belfast, UK can be found here. All law offices lawyers, solicitors and lawyer solicitors in Belfast are listed, including those legal professionals focusing on libel, bankruptcy, and defence.

It may also include, personal injury solicitor in Belfast, divorce lawyers and other lawyers, solicitors or lawyer solicitors in Belfast. If you know of another quality Law Office in Belfast that should be listed, then please submit on our Listings Page.

Lawyers-Solicitors-UK.com is the number one site for Legal Offices in Belfast, including Belfast DUI lawyers and personal injury solicitors in Belfast.


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Agnew Andress Higgins
Alan M Brown
Arthur Cox Northern Ireland
B Smyth
Bannon Crawford Solicitors
Basil Glass
Bernard Campbell & Co.
Bigger & Strahan
Bogue & McNulty
Bogue McNulty
Bogue McNulty
Boston James & Sullivan
Brangam Bagnall & Co.
Breen & Co
Brian Kelly
C & H Jefferson
C & J Black
C McAteer & Co
Campbell & Caher
Campbell & Caher
Campbell & Stafford
Campbell Bernard & Co.
Campbell Fitzpatrick
Carnson Morrow Graham
Carson & McDowell
Charles Maunsell
Chesney & Co
Ciaran J McCaffrey
Comerton & Hill
Cousins & Gilmore Solicitors
Crawford & Lockhart Martin H Turnbull & Co.
Creighton & Co
Crooke McAlister
Culbert & Martin
D G McCormick & Co
D J Rodgers & Co
D Morgan
Damian Murray & Co.
David G McGowan
Davison & Co.
Delaney & Co.
Derry McGuinness & Co.
Diamond Heron Solicitors
Donaghy Carey
Donaghy Carey
Donnelly & Wall Solicitors
E & L Kennedy
Edwards & Co.
Elliott Duffey Garrett
F Keenan & P J Vernon
Fearon & Steele
Ferguson & Co
Fisher & Fisher
Flynn & McGettrick
Flynn & McGettrick
Fox & Associates
Francis Crilly
Francis Hanna & Co.
Francis J Irvine & Co.
Francis J McNicholl
Francis Keenan
Francis Keenan
Gaston Graham
George Farrell
George L Maclaine & Co.
Gerard Henvey
Hart & Co.
Higgins Hollywood Deazley
Hoffman & Co
Holmes & Moffitt
Holmes & Moffitt
I J Warren
J C W Rea & Son
J E McGovern & Co
J G Haughey & Co
J M Tunney
Jack Magill & Co
James Boston & Sullivan
James Boston & Sullivan
James F Fitzpatrick & Co.
James G Doran & Co.
James McMullan & Co
James T Johnston & Co
James T Johnston & Co
Jemma Publications (Northern Ireland) Ltd.
John F Gibbons & Co.
John G H Wilson & Co.
John J Rice & Co.
John J Rice & Co.
John Johnson & Son
John M Hughes & Co.
John McKee & Son
John McLaughlin & Co.
John R Keir & Co
John Ross & Son
Johns Elliot Solicitors
Jones & Cassidy Solicitors
Jones & Co.
Joseph Donnelly & Co.
Kearney Sefton
Kennedy Solicitors
Kenneth McKee
Kevin McCorry Solicitors
King & Gowdy
L K Bannon & Co
L'Estrange & Brett
Leitch & Logan Harrison
Lundy & Co
Lundy & Co.
M Ferguson Solicitors
M Murty Toolan & Co.
Macelhatton & Co.
Macelhatton & Co.
Madden & Finucane
Malone & Co
Malone & Co
Martin Brennan Solicitor
Maurice McIvor & Co.
McCann & McCann
McCann & McCann
McCann & McCann
McCartan & Co
McCartan Turkington Breen
McCollum & Co
McConnell Kelly & Co.
McIvor Farrell Solicitors
McKinty & Wright
McKnight & Co.
McManus & Kearney
Meehan Murphy & Co
Millar McCall Wylie
Minnis & Braden
Morrow & Wells
Murphy & O'Rawe
Murphy Kerr & Co.
Murtagh Breen & Co.
Nesbitt Solicitors
Nigel Greeves
Nixon & Co.
Norman Shannon & Co.
North West Petroleum Ltd.
Northwest Exploration Plc
Nurse & Jones Solicitors
O'Connell & Co
Oliver J Kelly & Co
Orr & Company
P A Duffy & Co.
P C Donaghy Meehan Murphy
P J O'Hare
P M Graham
Patricia Drinan
Patricia Hyland
Patrick J G Bradley
Patterson Taylor & Co
Paul Hanna
Paul K Nolan & Co.
Pauline Knight & Co
Peden & Reid
Peter Dornan & Co.
Philip Gallen & Co.
Philip J Smith
R S Haslett
Rafferty McGrath & Co
Richard Monteith
Robert G Sinclair & Co
Robert Kelly & Son
Robert Murtagh & Co.
Ronald Rosser & Co.
S J Diamond & Sons
Samuel D Crawford & Co.
Saunders & Kerr
Savage & Co.
Shean Dickson Merrick
Sheldon & Stewart Solicitors
Sheridan & Leonard
Stafford & Co
Steven Tumelty Solicitors
Stewart O'Reilly
T Armstrong & Son
Taylor & Co.
Thompsons McClure Solicitors
Travers & Co
Trevor Smyth & Co.
Trevor Smyth & Co.
Victor Thompson
W G Wilson & Sons
W J Irwin
Wallace Harris & Robb
Wilson Nesbitt Solicitors


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