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Lawyer-Solicitors-UK.co.uk has found all of the UK Law offices with lawyers, solicitors and lawyer solicitors and put them all in the one place. Use the large maps or search to find your local law office.
Legal professionals can help you through difficult legal cases including libel, divorce, bankruptcy, personal injury, immigration, defence or tax legal issues.

Facts on Wills and Probate


A will is a legally binding document that an individual writes to specify their wishes in the event that they die. It will detail how the deceased would like their property to be distributed along with clear directions on matters like care of their children and funeral plans. Read more.....

Understanding Personal Injury

The legal term for the wrong or damage cause to a personís body, mind and emotions is called personal injury. The term is used to differentiate this type of injury or damage from injury to oneís property. There are various situations that can give rise to personal injury. Read more.....

Reasons for Crime/Criminal Law and Its Objectives

Criminal law is also known as the penal law. The term is used to give reference to various law bodies that cover a wide range of jurisdictions. The most common character of bodies dealing with crime is the fact that all the wings of criminal justice handle or punishes offenders for failure to comply with the rule of law. Punishment on criminal offenders usually depends on the level of the crime committed. There are various forms of crimes that are punishable by law. Examples include theft of property, murder, sexual offenses, and robbery among others. Read more.....

An overview of conveyancing

Conveyancing is a term commonly found in real estate. It refers to the conveyance of a title of property from one person to another as part of the sale. It is very important to ensure that titles are conveyed as part of the legal transaction when you are buying or selling property because without it you do not have legal title to the house or land that you pay for. There is a contract involved and both parties must sign the contract in the presence of witnesses. Read more.....

Divorce - Causes and Its Effects

The legal system and the law join the long list of subjects that do not only frustrate, but also perpetually confuse the public. Laws are numerous and keep shifting on such a frequent rate that ultimately renders the general concept of law a subject in virtual ambiguity. You might be wondering just what is Commercial law? Commercial law concerns legal issues that govern the doing of business. There are of course various areas covered by the commercial law. Read more.....

Logistics of Commercial Law

Divorce is the termination of a union between a husband and a wife. It is usually done through a legal process either in court or through a traditionally recognized law and order in a society. Divorce is not a desirable thing for any family. This is because it leaves couples with heartaches that last longer. Most communities in the olden days had their ways of ensuring that once a person is married, they stick to their union throughout their lives. Read more.....

The Importance of Family Law

Whenever people meet and decide that they want to get married, they are usually excited since they are wallowing in the miasma of love. Their love towards each other blinds them, so that they feel as though they can never have differences in life and hence, they live peacefully trying to please each other. They never think of family lawyers at first. When the realities of life come is when couples would discover that none of them has an angle. This is when they might begin to look around for family lawyers to help them sort out their difference and arrive at balance. Read more.....

Paths of Immigration

Immigration is an international system that regulates the movement of persons from one country to another with an intention of establishing a permanent residence. Prior to approval or acceptance, such a person is regarded as an alien. In Law, an alien is anyone living in a particular political community while owing loyalty and allegiance to another. It is through a process called naturalization that an alien can get the permission to become and live as citizens. Similar to those of migration, the motives of immigration are usually predominantly economic although political and religious reasons also claim their share. However when immigration rates soar, they frequently attract militant if not violent calls for tighter restrictions and deportations by intolerant nationalist groups.Read more.....

Reasons Why Property Solicitors Are Important

Professionals have a role to play in their area of expertise. Carpenters are needed when furniture is required. A doctor cannot do their work unless he or she goes for carpentry training. Property solicitors are the same. Property solicitors help individuals to be able to sell or purchase a property. Many people go about buying houses or land without the understanding of the legal framework surrounding property purchasing and sales. Property solicitors or property lawyers would help a person to go through the legal processor of acquiring the property that they want to buy. Read more.....

London (1252 Solicitors)
Glasgow (401 Solicitors)
Manchester (297 Solicitors)
Birmingham (271 Solicitors)
Bristol (218 Solicitors)
Edinburgh (198 Solicitors)
Belfast (190 Solicitors)
Leeds (162 Solicitors)
Liverpool (155 Solicitors)
Nottingham (149 Solicitors)
Sheffield (122 Solicitors)
Newcastle-upon-Tyne (99 Solicitors)
Leicester (95 Solicitors)
Cardiff (92 Solicitors)
Aberdeen (87 Solicitors)
Stockport (82 Solicitors)
Southampton (80 Solicitors)
Northampton (70 Solicitors)
Harrow (69 Solicitors)
Preston (69 Solicitors)
Plymouth (68 Solicitors)
Norwich (67 Solicitors)
York (67 Solicitors)
Brighton (64 Solicitors)
Exeter (63 Solicitors)
Oxford (59 Solicitors)
Derby (58 Solicitors)
Bournemouth (55 Solicitors)
Reading (55 Solicitors)
Coventry (54 Solicitors)
Bradford (53 Solicitors)
Cheltenham (52 Solicitors)
West End (51 Solicitors)
Colchester (50 Solicitors)
Middlesbrough (49 Solicitors)
Carlisle (48 Solicitors)
Wolverhampton (47 Solicitors)
Bolton (46 Solicitors)
Cambridge (46 Solicitors)
Newport (46 Solicitors)
Stoke-on-Trent (46 Solicitors)
Croydon (45 Solicitors)
Blackpool (44 Solicitors)
Doncaster (44 Solicitors)
Guildford (43 Solicitors)
Worthing (42 Solicitors)
(41 Solicitors)
Dundee (40 Solicitors)
Walsall (40 Solicitors)
Ipswich (39 Solicitors)

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